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Brief information about the status of the WAMBAF Tool Box project


Machine learning wet area maps
The new machine learned wet area map has been calculated for all of Sweden during the summer, now it needs some post-processing and then it can be released.  In Poland DTW maps have been prepared for almost the whole country. The guide on how to use the wet area maps was released just before summer and will now be translated during the autumn. You find the guide here

Upscaling and mitigation of beaver impact
The compilation of GIS data is finalized. The project plan promised analyses for Sweden and Lithuania. In addition, also Latvia and Poland participate.

Upscale and digitalize Blue Targeting
Russian version: Field work has been carried out along three streams in Karelia and along three streams in Arkhangelsk during the summer.
Mobile App: The app is finalized and available on Google Play. Install it on your phone and try it now! You find it

Translation of films
The films about drainage, forest buffers and beavers in the following languages are available on the WAMBAF website: Finnish, Latvian and Polish.
The films in Russian and Lithuanian are now also ready and links to the films will soon be published on the website. 

Manual for forest drainage 
The drainage manual is almost ready. Final checking is on-going and the manual will be published in the report series of Luke before the end of August. Translation into Finnish language is going on. Hopefully ready for publishing in mid-September.

Training courses
In Finland a webinar will be arranged in September. Also in Lithuania a webinar is planned for the autumn. Poland plans for physical training courses during the autumn, but they might need to be adapted to the corona situation.  

Action plan meetings
So far, five meetings have been carried out: one in Sweden, three in Lithuania and one in Finland. Most of the remaining countries plan for arranging their action plan meetings during the autumn. 

New demo site in southern Finland
The route and the sign of the demo site were prepared during summer. 

In addition

  • NB! During 5–7 October there will be Skype/Zoom meetings instead of the physical meeting originally planned for Saint Petersburg.
  • The Beaver handbook was printed and sent to all partners in the beginning of the summer.

More information is available at the official website of the project WAMBAF Tool Box here

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