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Participation in the IUFRO Seed Orchard Conference 2017

LSFRI Silava scientists of forest tree breeding: researcher Mg.silv. Arnis Gailis, scientific assistants Mg.silv. Inga Zariņa and Mg.silv. Pauls Zeltiņš took part at the IUFRO Seed Orchard Conference 2017, which held in Bålsta, Sweden on September 4–6, 2017.

The goal of this conference is to provide the opportunity for scientists, students and managers of seed orchards and forest regeneration to exchange the most recent scientific advances related to forest tree seed orchards and their integration in the forestry practice.

There were 6 sessions in this conference:

  • Management for productivity,
  • Pests & Pathogens,
  • Cone and Seed Health and Development,
  • Genetic diversity and Fertility variation,
  • Impact on Forestry and Society,
  • Design and Strategy.

LSFRI Silava scientific assistant Pauls Zeltiņš presented oral presentation Whole-rotation gain from use of improved Norway spruce: case study in Latvia in the session Impact on Forestry and Society.

Proceedings of IUFRO Seed Orchard Conference 2017 here.

More information in the website of IUFRO Seed Orchard Conference here.

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