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Participation in the IUFRO 3rd conference Restoring Forests

Jeļena Stola, scientific assistant of the LSFRI Forest regeneration and establishment research group, and Santa Kalēja, scientific assistant of the LSFRI Forest operations and energy research group, took part in the IUFRO 3rd conference Restoring Forests: Regeneration and Ecosystem Function for the Future, held in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Lund, Sweden) on September 12–14, 2017.

There were posters presented:

  1. Jeļena Stola: Success of forest regeneration and soil preparation method;
  2. Santa Celma: Comparison of East and West origin pine sowing results in Central part of Latvia.

The conference was dividend 5 into sessions:

  • Learning from the past,
  • Ecological knowledge supporting forest restoration,
  • Advances in restoration and regeneration techniques and systems,
  • Forest restoration following biotic and abiotic disturbances,
  • Restoring forest landscapes of the future.

There was field excursion organized during the conference to Söderåsens National Park, where could see and discussed various methods for restoring temperate broadleaved forests.

Published 29/09/2017 13:43:00


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