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Participation in IUFRO 125th Anniversary congress

The IUFRO 125th Anniversary congress was held in Freiburg (Germany) in September 18–22, 2017, where participated scientists from more than 70 countries, also scientists of LSFRI Silava with their posters:

  1. Scientists of LSFRI Silava Forest ecology and silviculture research area:
    - senior researcher Dr.silv.
    Zane Lībiete with poster: Assessment of provisioning forest ecosystem service potential in Latvia (Lībiete Z., Bārdule A., Lūkins M., Bārdulis, A., Jūrmalis E.),
    - researcher Mg.silv.
    Jānis Donis with poster The impact of forest fire on survival and growth of the survived Scots pine trees (Donis J., Šņepsts G., Šēnhofs R., Zdors L.);
  2. Senior researcher of LSFRI Silava Forest tree breeding and climate change research area, Dr.silv. Āris Jansons with posters:
    - Forest fire regime in Latvia: 1922–2014 (Jansons Ā., Zadiņa M., Donis J., Zariņš J., Šņepsts G.) and
    - Long-term effect of whole tree biomass harvesting on ground vegetation in Scots pine stands in Latvia (Jansons Ā., Robalte L., Čakšs R., Matisons R., Lībiete Z.);
  3. Senior researcher of LSFRI Silava Forest regeneration and establishment research area, Dr.silv. Dagnija Lazdiņa with poster Soil preparation method impact on Norway spruce and Scots pine containerised seedling root system development (Lazdiņa D., Blate K., Stikāne K., Celma S., Neimane S., Stals T.A., Dūmiņš K.).

LSFRI Silava scientists are also co-authors of other reports, prepared for the congress:

  • Terminology and multilingual glossary on Coppice term (Kofman P., Lazdiņa D., Makovskis K.);
  • Efficiency of water protection methods in forestry operations in the Baltic Sea Region (Finér L., Piirainen S., Andersson, E., Ciuldiene, D., Futter M., Hiltunen T., Högbom L., Jägrud L., Lībiete Z., Lode E., Löfgren S., Sikström U., Pierzgalski E., Ring E., Thorell D.);
  • On the potential to combine cross-border NFI data in remote sensing driven carbon stock assessment: Latvian and Lithuanian study (Jonikavicius D., Mozgeris, G., Kulbokas G., Lūkins M., Donis J., Zariņš J., Lazdiņš A.).

More information – in the conference website.

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