Vilnis Šķipars
Vilnis Šķipars
Amats: pētnieks
Zinātniskais/akadēmiskais grāds: Dr.silv., Mg.biol.
Telefons: 22130449
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Jaunākās publikācijas

  • Šķipars V., Ruņģis D., Ločmele I., Seile S., Mežaka I., Legzdiņa L. 2021. Evaluation of morphological traits, genetic diversity and major resistance genes in barley subpopulations cultivated under organic and conventional farming systems. Agronomy Research, 19(4), 1981-1998;
  • Ramanenka M.O., Šķipars V., Yarmalovich V.A. 2021. Influence of Macro- and Micro-Element Content on Mycelial Growth of Sp.1. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences, 75(3), 206-210;
  • Šņepste I., Krivmane B., Šķipars V., Zaluma A., Ruņģis D.E. 2021. Induction of Defense Responses in Pinus sylvestris Seedlings by Methyl Jasmonate and Response to Heterobasidion annosum and Lophodermium seditiosum Inoculation. Forests, 12(5), 628;
  • Šķipars V., Ruņģis D. 2021. Transcript Dynamics in Wounded and Inoculated Scots Pine. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(4), 1505;
  • Krivmane B., Šņepste I., Šķipars V., Yakovlev I., Fossdal C.G., Vivian-Smith A., Ruņģis D. 2020. Identification and in Silico Characterization of Novel and Conserved MicroRNAs in Methyl Jasmonate-Stimulated Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Needles. Forests, 11(4), 384;

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