Natālija Burņeviča
Natālija Burņeviča
Amats: vadošā pētniece
Zinātniskais/akadēmiskais grāds: Dr.biol.
Telefons: 25951553
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Jaunākās publikācijas

  • Legzdina L., Spungis V., Burnevica N., Gaitnieks T., Menkis A. 2021. Invertebrates in Fruitbodies of Heterobasidion spp., Infected Picea abies Logs and Adjacent Soil. Forests, 12(8), 1100;
  • Brūna L., Lione G., Kenigsvalde K., Burņeviča N., Zaļuma A., Kļaviņa D., Gaitnieks T., Gonthier P. 2021. Inferences on the Susceptibility of Wood of Different Tree Species to Heterobasidion annosum Sensu Lato Primary Infections and on the Range of Pathogen Spores Dispersal. Forests, 12(7), 854;
  • Burņeviča N., Zaļuma A., Kļaviņa D., Brūna L., Legzdiņa L., Gaitnieks T. 2021. Initial and long-term fungal diversity and occurrence of Heterobasidion spp. in Norway spruce root fragments remaining in soil after stump extraction. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 36(2-3), 117-125;
  • Klavina D., Bruna L., Zaluma A., Burnevica N., Polmanis K., Gaitnieks T., Piri T. 2021. Infection and Spread of Root Rot Caused by Heterobasidion parviporum in Picea abies Stands after Thinning: Case Studies on Former Pasture and Meadow Lands. Forests, 12(1), 70;
  • Gaitnieks T., Bruna L., Zaluma A., Burnevica N., Klavina D., Legzdina L., Jansons J., Piri T. 2021. Development of Heterobasidion spp. fruit bodies on decayed Picea abies. Forest Ecology and Management, 482, 118835;

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