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Lauma Silbauma
Lauma Silbauma
Position: Research Assistant
Grade: Mg.biol.
Phone number: 28393257
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Latest publications

  • Burnevica N., Klavina D., Lione G., Pellicciaro M., Silbauma L., Zaluma A., Nikolajeva V., Gonthier P. 2022. In vitro screening of Latvian isolates of Bjerkandera adusta and Sistotrema brinkmannii as potential biocontrol agents against Heterobasidion root and butt rots. Baltic Forestry, 28(1), id637;
  • Gaitnieks T., Silbauma L., Muižnieks I., Zaļuma A., Kļaviņa D., Burņeviča N., Grosberga M., Lazdiņš A., Piri T. 2022. Spread of Heterobasidion genotypes in Norway spruce stands on drained peat soil in Latvia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 2022;
  • Gaitnieks T., Bruna L., Zaluma A., Burnevica N., Klavina D., Legzdina L., Jansons J., Piri T. 2021. Development of Heterobasidion spp. fruit bodies on decayed Picea abies. Forest Ecology and Management, 482, 118835;
  • Klavina D., Bruna L., Zaluma A., Burnevica N., Polmanis K., Gaitnieks T., Piri T. 2021. Infection and Spread of Root Rot Caused by Heterobasidion parviporum in Picea abies Stands after Thinning: Case Studies on Former Pasture and Meadow Lands. Forests, 12(1), 70;
  • Zaluma A., Sherwood P., Bruna L., Skola U., Gaitnieks T., Rönnberg J. 2021. Control of Heterobasidion in Norway Spruce Stands: The Impact of Stump Cover on Efficacy of Urea and Phlebiopsis gigantea and Implications for Forest Management. Forests, 12(6), 679;

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