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Andis Adamovičs
Andis Adamovičs
Position: Research Assistant
Grade: Mg.silv.
Phone number: 26407873
Finished projects:

 Latest publications

  • Desaine I., Kārkliņa A., Matisons R., Pastare A., Adamovičs A., Lībiete Z., Jansons Ā. 2021. Imitated Whole Tree Harvesting Show Negligible Effect on Economic Value of Spruce Stands. Forests, 12(7), 841;
  • Bārdule A., Butlers A., Lazdiņš A., Līcīte I., Zvirbulis U., Putniņš R., Jansons A., Adamovičs A., Razma Ģ. 2021. Evaluation of Soil Organic Layers Thickness and Soil Organic Carbon Stock in Hemiboreal Forests in Latvia. Forests, 12(7), 840;
  • Kitenberga M., Elferts D., Adamovics A., Katrevics J., Donis J., Baders E., Jansons A. 2020. Effect of salvage logging and forest type on the post-fire regeneration of Scots pine in hemiboreal forests. New Forests, 51, 1069-1085;
  • Šēnhofa S., Katrevics J., Adamovics A., Bickovskis K., Baders E., Donis J., Jansons A. 2020. Tree damage by ice accumulation in Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands regarding stand characteristics. Forests, 11(6), 679;
  • Matisons R., Gärtner H., Elferts D., Kārkliņa A., Adamovičs A., Jansons Ā. 2020. Occurrence of ‘blue’ and ‘frost’ rings reveal frost sensitivity of eastern Baltic provenances of Scots pine. Forest Ecology and Management, 457, 117729;

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