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Māra Kitenberga
Māra Kitenberga
Position: Researcher
Grade: Dr.silv.
Phone number: 26194609
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Latest publications

  • Sabatini F.M., Bluhm H., Kun Z., Aksenov D., Atauri J.A., Buchwald E., Burrascano S., Cateau E., Diku A., Duarte I.M., Fernández López Á.B., Garbarino M., Grigoriadis N., Horváth F., Keren S., Kitenberga M., Kiš A., Kraut A., Ibisch P.L., Larrieu L., Lombardi F., Matovic B., Melu R.N., Meyer P., Midteng R., Mikac S., Mikoláš M., Mozgeris G., Panayotov M., Pisek R., Nunes L., Ruete A., Schickhofer M., Simovski B., Stillhard J., Stojanovic D., Szwagrzyk J., Tikkanen O.-P., Toromani E., Volosyanchuk R., Vrška T., Waldherr M., Yermokhin M., Zlatanov T., Zagidullina A., Kuemmerle T. 2021. European primary forest database v2.0. Sci Data, 8(1), 220;
  • Fernandez-Anez N., Krasovskiy A., Müller M., …, Jansons A., Kitenberga M. et al. 2021. Current Wildland Fire Patterns and Challenges in Europe: A Synthesis of National Perspectives. Air, Soil and Water Research, 14, 1-19;
  • Drobyshev I., Ryzhkova N., Eden J., Kitenberga M., Pinto G., Lindberg H., Krikken F., Yermokhin M., Bergeron Y., Kryshend A. 2021. Trends and patterns in annually burned forest areas and fire weather across the European boreal zone in the 20th and early 21st centuries. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 306, 108467;
  • Kitenberga M., Šņepsts G., Vuguls J., Elferts D., Jaunslaviete I., Jansons Ā. 2021. Tree- and stand-scale factors shape the probability of wind damage to birch in hemiboreal forests. Silva Fennica, 55(2), 10483;
  • Krišāns O., Matisons R., Kitenberga M., Donis J., Rust S., Elferts D., Jansons Ā. 2021. Wind Resistance of Eastern Baltic Silver Birch (Betula pendula Roth.) Suggests Its Suitability for Periodically Waterlogged Sites. Forests, 12(1), 21;

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