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Dagnija Lazdiņa
Dagnija Lazdiņa
Position: Senior Researcher
Grade: Dr.silv.
Phone number: 26595683
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Latest publications

  • Rancane S., Karklins A., Lazdina D. 2022. Circulation of plant nutrients in bioenergy production. In: Proceedings of 21st International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development, Jelgava, Latvia, 25-27 May 2022. Jelgava: LULST, p. 332-337;
  • Scordia D., Papazoglou E.G., Kotoula D., Sanz M., Ciria C.S., Pérez J., Maliarenko O., Prysiazhniuk O., von Cossel M., Greiner B.E., Lazdina D., Makovskis K., Lamy I., Ciadamidaro L., Petit-dit-Grezeriat L., Corinzia S.A., Fernando A.L., Alexopoulou E., Cosentino S.L. 2022. Towards identifying industrial crop types and associated agronomies to improve biomass production from marginal lands in Europe. GCB Bioenergy, 2022;
  • Celma S., Sanz M., Ciria P., Maliarenko O., Prysiazhniuk O., Daugaviete M., Lazdina D., von Cossel M. 2022. Yield Performance of Woody Crops on Marginal Agricultural Land in Latvia, Spain and Ukraine. Agronomy, 12(4), 908;
  • Bārdulis A., Rancāne S., Daugaviete M., Celma S., Lazdiņa D. 2021. Impact of fertilization on agroforestry system combining rows of wild cherry and small-leaved lime with perennial grasses and legumes in Latvia. In: Proceedings of the 10th International Scientific Conference "Rural Development 2021: Challenges for Sustainable Bioeconomy and Climate Change", 21-23 September 2021. Kaunas: Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, p. 8-14;
  • Zuševica A., Celma S., Neimane S., Cossel M., Lazdina D. 2022. Wood-Ash Fertiliser and Distance from Drainage Ditch Affect the Succession and Biodiversity of Vascular Plant Species in Tree Plantings on Marginal Organic Soil. Agronomy, 12(2), 421;

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