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Jānis Donis
Jānis Donis
Position: Researcher
Grade: Mg.silv.
Phone number: 26513375
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Latest publications

  • Donis J., Zdors L., Šnepsts G., Treimane A., Kitenberga M., Jansons A. 2022. Trees as a Legacy of Forest Fires in Scots-Pine-Dominated Stands: Case Study in Latvia. Environ. Sci. Proc., 17, 20;
  • Bāders E., Romāns E., Desaine I., Krišāns O., Seipulis A., Donis J., Jansons Ā. 2022. An Integration of Linear Model and ‘Random Forest’ Techniques for Prediction of Norway Spruce Vitality: A Case Study of the Hemiboreal Forest, Latvia. Remote Sensing, 14(9), 2122;
  • Saklaurs M., Lībiete Z., Donis J., Kitenberga M., Elferts D., Jūrmalis E., Jansons Ā. 2022. Provision of ecosystem services in riparian hemiboreal forest fixed-width buffers. Forests, 13(6), 928;
  • Gschwantner T., Alberdi I., Bauwens S., Bender S., Borota D., Bosela M., Bouriaud O., Breidenbach J., Donis J., Fischer C., Gasparini P., Heffernan L., Hervé J.-C., Kolozs L., Korhonen K.T., Koutsias N., Kovácsevics P., Kučera M., Kulbokas G., Kuliešis A., Lanz A., Lejeune P., Lind T., Marin G., Morneau F., Nord-Larsen T., Nunes L., Pantić D., Redmond J., Rego F.C., Riedel T., Šebeň V., Sims A., Skudnik M., Tomterh S.M. 2022. Growing stock monitoring by European National Forest Inventories: Historical origins, current methods and harmonisation. Forest Ecology and Management 505, 119868;
  • Rieksts-Riekstins R., Jansons A., Jaunslaviete I., Desaine I., Donis J. 2021. Effect of summer storm on value of birch stands in hemiboreal forests. In: Proceedings of 21st International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference Surveying Geology and Mining Ecology Management, SGEM, 16-22 August 2021. Albena, SGEM, Vol. 21(3.1), p. 457-463;

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