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Dainis Edgars Ruņģis
Dainis Edgars Ruņģis
Position: Senior Researcher
Grade: Dr.biol.
Phone number: 28344201
Active projects: Finished projects:


Latest publications

  • Bitenieks K., Bārdule A., Eklöf K., Espenberg M., Ruņģis D.E., Kļaviņa Z., Kļaviņš I., Hu H., Lībiete Z. 2022. The Influence of the Degree of Forest Management on Methylmercury and the Composition of Microbial Communities in the Sediments of Boreal Drainage Ditches. Microorganisms, 10(10), 1981;
  • Lācis G., Kārkliņa K., Bartulsons T., Stalažs A., Jundzis M., Baļķe I., Ruņģis D., Strautiņa S. 2022. Genetic structure of a Ribes genetic resource collection: inter- and intra- specific diversity revealed by chloroplast DNA simple sequence repeats (cpSSRs). Scientia Horticulturae, 304, 111285;
  • Šķipars V., Ruņģis D., Ločmele I., Seile S., Mežaka I., Legzdiņa L. 2021. Evaluation of morphological traits, genetic diversity and major resistance genes in barley subpopulations cultivated under organic and conventional farming systems. Agronomy Research, 19(4), 1981-1998; 
  • Rendón-Anaya M., Wilson J., Sveinsson A., Fedorkov A., Cottrell J., Bailey M.E.S., Ruņģis D., Lexer C., Jansson S., Robinson K.M., Street N.R., Ingvarsson P.K. 2021. Adaptive Introgression Facilitates Adaptation to High Latitudes in European Aspen (Populus tremula L.). Molecular Biology and Evolution, 38(11), 5034-5050,
  • Ruņģis D.E., Krivmane B. 2021. Genetic Diversity and Structure of Latvian Tilia cordata Populations. Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences, 75(4), 261-267;

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