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Tālis Gaitnieks
Tālis Gaitnieks
Position: Senior Researcher
Grade: Dr.silv.
Phone number: 26463738
Active projects: Finished projects:

Latest publications

  • Berg B., Lönn M., Ni X., Sun T., Dong L., Gaitnieks T., Virzo De Santo A., Johansson M.-B. 2022. Decomposition rates in late stages of Scots pine and Norway spruce needle litter: Influence of nutrients and substrate properties over a climate gradient. Forest Ecology and Management, 522, 120452; 
  • Burnevica N., Klavina D., Polmanis K., Jansons J., Gaitnieks T. 2022. Impact of Stump Removal on Communities of Ectomycorrhizal and Other Soil Fungi in Norway Spruce Stands of Latvia. Diversity, 14(8), 673; 
  • Klavina D., Tedersoo L., Agan A., Adamson K., Bitenieks K., Gaitnieks T., Drenkhan R. 2022. Soil fungal communities in young Norway spruce-dominant stands: footprints of former land use and selective thinning. European Journal of Forest Research, 141, 503-516;
  • Gaitnieks T., Silbauma L., Muižnieks I., Zaļuma A., Kļaviņa D., Burņeviča N., Grosberga M., Lazdiņš A., Piri T. 2022. Spread of Heterobasidion genotypes in Norway spruce stands on drained peat soil in Latvia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 2022;
  • Legzdina L., Spungis V., Burnevica N., Gaitnieks T., Menkis A. 2021. Invertebrates in Fruitbodies of Heterobasidion spp., Infected Picea abies Logs and Adjacent Soil. Forests, 12(8), 1100;

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