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Arta Bārdule
Arta Bārdule
Position: Researcher
Grade: Dr.chem.
Phone number: 27119666
Active projects: Finished projects:


Latest publications

  • Kaleja S., Bardule A. 2022. Review of climate change mitigation measures applicable in degraded peatlands in Latvia. In: Proceedings of 28th Annual International Scientific Conference "Research for Rural Development 2022", 18-20 May, 2022. Jelgava: LULST, Vol. 37, p. 56-62; 
  • Butlers A., Lazdiņš A., Kalēja S., Bārdule A. 2022. Carbon Budget of Undrained and Drained Nutrient-Rich Organic Forest Soil. Forests, 13(11), 1790; 
  • Bārdulis A., Ivanovs J., Bārdule A., Lazdiņa D., Purviņa D., Butlers A., Lazdiņš A. 2022. Assessment of Agricultural Areas Suitable for Agroforestry in Latvia. Land, 11(10), 1873; 
  • Bitenieks K., Bārdule A., Eklöf K., Espenberg M., Ruņģis D.E., Kļaviņa Z., Kļaviņš I., Hu H., Lībiete Z. 2022. The Influence of the Degree of Forest Management on Methylmercury and the Composition of Microbial Communities in the Sediments of Boreal Drainage Ditches. Microorganisms, 10(10), 1981;
  • Bārdule A., Gerra-Inohosa L., Kļaviņš I., Kļaviņa Z., Bitenieks K., Butlers A., Lazdiņš A., Lībiete Z. 2022. Variation in the Mercury Concentrations and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Pristine and Managed Hemiboreal Peatlands. Land, 11(9), 1414; 

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