Angelika Voronova
Angelika Voronova
Grade: Dr.biol.
Phone number: 26825494
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Latest publications

  • Voronova A., Rendón-Anaya M., Ingvarsson P., Kalendar R., Ruņģis D. 2020. Comparative study of pine reference genomes reveals transposable element interconnected gene networks. Genes, 11(10), 1216;
  • Voronova A. 2019. Retrotransposon expression in response to in vitro inoculation with two fungal pathogens of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). BMC Research Notes, 12(1), 243;
  • Rungis D.E., Voronova A., Kokina A., Veinberga I., Skrabule I., Rostoks N. 2017. Assessment of genetic diversity and relatedness in the Latvian potato genetic resources collection by DArT genotyping. Plant Genetic Resources, 15(1), 72-78;
  • Voronova A., Belevich V., Korica A., Rungis D. 2017. Retrotransposon distribution and copy number variation in gymnosperm genomes. Tree Genetics and Genomes, 13(4), 88;

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