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Modelling tools for determination of effect of groundwater level and other environmental parameters on greenhouse gas emissions from stem surfaces
Leader: Kaspars Liepiņš
Start date: 1.11.2020
End date: 30.6.2022



The aim of the study is to provide forest owners with decision support tools, including equations for calculation of GHG emissions from tree stem surface and assessment of impact of climate change mitigation measures implemented in forest lands with organic soils.

The study envisages the selection and installation of testing sites (groundwater level monitoring wells and flexible collars on tree trunks for the installation of gas chambers); analysis of data on greenhouse gas fluxes from the surface of tree stems, changes in the groundwater level and air temperature, development of greenhouse gas emission equations and methods for acquisition of additional data (emitting surface). The elaborated emission factors will be integrated into modeling tools used in the national GHG inventory  and a growth model AGM.

As a result of the research, a new product has been developed – modeling tools for the implementation of GHG emission mitigation measures in forest stands with wet and drained peat soils and socio-economic assessment of GHG emission reduction measures addressed in the study.

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