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Bryophyte and lichen successional and spatial patterns in deciduous forests (molecular genetic analyses)
Leader: Dainis Edgars Ruņģis
Start date: 1.1.2021
End date: 30.12.2023

This research is done in cooperation with Daugavpils University.

To understand if in older forest stands are greater in genetic diversity than younger forest stands, genetic diversity and structure of one common bryophyte and one rare bryophyte model species (Homalia trichomanoides and Neckera complanata) will be analysed. In addition, sequencing of mitochondrial and chloroplast PCR amplification products for a subset of samples will be done. Analysis of mitochondrial and chloroplast sequences will enable direct comparison to sequences generated in other studies, enabling results from this study to be analysed in a wider context. Genetic diversity parameters will enable comparisons between and within the analysed populations, correlating genetic diversity with other obtained data. Genetic analyses in conjunction with other obtained data can identify possible factors that influence the genetic diversity and differentiation of populations of these model species.

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