Active projects

Identification, characterization and conservation of Latvian in situ plant genetic resources
Leader: Dainis Edgars Ruņģis
Start date: 3.1.2022
End date: 5.12.2022

Activities planned for 2022:

  1. Continue annual collection expeditions for selected species groups (e.g. grasses, vegetables, etc.)
  2. Continue or begin describing Latvian genetic resource accessions according to plant descriptors
  3. Participation in discussions, training and working groups with other users of the GenNBIS database on the harmonisation of descriptors. Initiate uploading of descriptor data to the GeNBIS database.
  4. Initiate work on adapting plant descriptor lists for the registration of conservation varieties. 

Results to be achieved in 2022:

  1. New samples of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and their wild relatives have been collected;
  2. Collected samples have been included as accessions in the Latvian list of genetic resources and conserved in the gene bank or field collections;
  3. Survey and description of Latvian plant genetic resource accessions using plant descriptors and data entered into databases;
  4. Work has been initiated on the uploading of plant descriptor data to the GenBIS database, and adaptation of descriptor lists for the registration of conservation varieties.

Other researchers:

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