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Importance of genetic factors on formation of forest stands with high adaptability and qualitative wood properties
Leader: Āris Jansons
Start date: 1.12.2009
End date: 30.11.2012

European Social Fund's project (No 2009/0200/1DP/
Programme "Human resources and employment"
supplement priority 1.1. "Higher education and science"
measure 1.1.1. "Development of science and research potential"
activity "Involvement of human resources in science"

The aim of the project is to unit competence in forest research, chemical engineering and biology sectors, attracting young professionals and foreign experts, to take stock to the potential impact of the genetic factors of pine, spruce and hybrid aspen increasing the adaptability and improving the properties of wood.

For the first time in Latvia and Baltic Sea region comprehensive study of the influence of genetic factors on branch properties in different parts of stem will be carried out. This will provide the opportunity to significantly improve branching quality of fast growing trees, originating from seed orchard seeds, and in this way increase their suitability for needs of wood-processing industry. Similar improvements will be achieved also via the detailed analysis of chemical and mechanical properties of wood as well as wood resistance to bio-degradation for clones, selected for seed orchard establishment. Such detail wood property researches for Latvian forest trees which are planned within the framework of this project will for the first time in Latvia and among the first in Europe.

Research sub-directions:

  1. 18.–21.10.2010. International scientific conference "Adaptation of trees and stands to forest disturbances: management considerations"

18 full-time working equivalent researchers are involved in the implementation of the project.

Other researchers:

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