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Consolidating research capacity in fruit gardening and forestry by using IT support in search for environment-friendly cultivation and product development methods
Leader: Dainis Edgars Ruņģis
Start date: 4.1.2010
End date: 31.12.2012


European Social Fund's project (No. 2009/0228/1DP/
Programme "Human resources and employment"
supplement priority 1.1. "Higher education and science"
measure 1.1.1. "Development of science and research potential"
activity "Involvement of human resources in science"

Lead research partner: Latvian Institute of Horticulture

Research partners: Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava", Riga Technical University

The aim of the study is to increase scientific capacity in the horticultural, forest sciences and information technology sectors to provide research into sustainable, environmentally friendly growing solutions, product development and deployment with the support of computer technology.

The research will be carried out within 36 months in Dobele, Salaspils and Riga, Latvia, in cooperation with Latvian Institute of Horticulture (project applicant), LSFRI Silava and Riga Technical University (cooperation partners). The project intends to carry out interdisciplinary scientific research covering horticulture, forestry, food and information technology.

Expected activities:

  1. The establishment of a new interdisciplinary scientific group;
  2. Implementation of scientific research in 4 directions – genetic studies of plant pathogen populations and mechanisms of plant resistance, evaluation of varieties and development of new products, development of biological research information systems;
  3. Promotion of cooperation with research institutes, universities and businesses;
  4. Implementation of publicity measures;
  5. Creation of new scientific positions in the institutions involved in the project.

As a result of the research, in addition to the creation of new scientific knowledge, highly qualified researchers will be recruited and trained, new research positions will be created, industry-relevant research will be conducted and cooperation between education, research institutions and businesses will be encouraged.

Other researchers:

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