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Elaboration of models for establishment and management of multifunctional plantations of short rotation energy crops and deciduous trees
Leader: Dagnija Lazdiņa
Start date: 1.3.2010
End date: 31.12.2013

General aim of the project: is to secure implementation of National and European Community targets in the fields of renewable energy and protection of environment, retaining at the same time diversity of rural landscapes and biodiversity of nature.

Specific aim of the project: is to elaborate the public source of practical information and interactive model of business plan for development of short rotation woody crops based business and to establish multi-functional training plots to demonstrate technologies and management approaches of different species of fast growing trees and grasses and caulescent plants with high energy value on abandoned farmlands.

Planned activities according to the regulations of Cabinet of Ministers No. 752 (07.07.2009) are:

1. Feasibility study.
2. Research:
  2.1. Industrial research:
      2.1.1. evaluation of existing decisions making and simulation models for establishment and management of short rotation energy crops, gathering of information about already established research trials,
      2.1.2. selection of prospective planting and seed material of local origin,
      2.1.3. testing of compatibility of new clones and breeds of fast growing energy crops for climatic conditions in Latvia,
  2.2. Experimental studies:
    2.2.1. establishment of multi-functional training plots for demonstration of new technologies and the best available management approaches of fast growing tree species and other energy crops,
    2.2.2. elaboration of interactive model of business plan and supplementary educational materials.
3. Dissemination activities:
  3.1. placing of informative boards in the places, where the project will be implemented,
  3.2. establishment and maintenance of a common communication and dissemination platform in the Internet,
  3.3. publication and popularization of the project results.
4. Patenting of the research results:
  4.1. registration of the new breed of reed canary grass,
  4.2. registration of breed of perennial lupine with low alkaloid content.

!! LSFRI Silava entering into license agreements for a hanging willow clones:
- Visvaldis - Male, registration no. 20133297 
- Monika - Female Registration No. 20130683
and the Poplar Clone
- Auce - Registration No 20142267
propagating for commercial purposes. More informātion here.

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