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Forest tree breeding to select genetically high value forest reproductive material
Leader: Arnis Gailis
Start date: 7.7.2015
End date: 31.12.2020

Contracting entity – JSC "Latvia's State Forests".

The breeding activities are carried out in accordance with the "Tree breeding program for economically important tree species (Scots pine, Norway spruce, Silver birch and aspen) for 30 years for Joint Stock Company "Latvia's State Forests"" (Jansons, 2008).

Controlled crossing of high-quality clones of Scots pine, Norway spruces and silver birch is carried out to produce breeding material for the next breeding cycle.

For breeding material, vegetative propagation methods for rooted cuttings of Norway spruce and micropropagation of silver birch are approbated and improved.

In the scientific research forests, new progeny tests for clones and families of Norway spruce, Scots pine and silver birch are established to evaluate the breeding material.

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