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Forest regeneration, establishment, tending and thinning programme
Leader: Dagnija Lazdiņa
Start date: 18.2.2016
End date: 1.12.2020

Contracting entity – JSC "Latvia's State Forests".

The aim of the research is to elaborate, approbation and to implement in practice innovative planning solutions, effective technologies and forest cultivation regimes in order to grow productive, qualitative and healthy forest stands.

During the time period from year 2016 to 2020 the following research tasks will be carried out on topics:

  • peatland management;
  • influence of soil preparation types (uplifts, furrows) on the quality of young stands in organic soils and wet mineral soils, a comparison between the methods;
  • transfer opportunities of mechanized planting and silvicultural technologies in conditions of Latvia
  • risk assessment of damages of cervid animals in young stands, depending on the applied forest management method.

In accordance with measurement and accounting results, which are obtained from the surveyed stands, guidelines for afforestation of peatlands and wet mineral soils forests will be elaborated, results of mechanized planting and silvicultural measures in conditions of Latvia will be evaluated, as well as calculations of types of forestry measures and intensity relation to damages of cervid animals in young stands. The cost of an appropriate forest management results and the possible benefits will be calculated.

While implementing the programme, it is planned to establish:

  • research and demonstration objects on influence of different soil preparation types in drained mineral soils and peatlands;
  • research and demonstration stands of different tree species and type of planting material in peatlands;
  • experiment and demonstration objects of mechanized silvicultural measures.

For additional measuring and accounting in Latvia analytical descriptions of foreign experience and research results will be prepared on peatland management, soil preparation and forest planting, opportunities of mechanization of silvicultural operations and planting and relation between browsing of trees in young stands and forest management activities.

Research results will be presented in the field during the Forest science days organized by LSFRI Silava to anyone concerned.

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