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Research program on improvement of forest growth conditions, 2016–2021
Leader: Andis Lazdiņš
Start date: 15.3.2016
End date: 1.12.2021

Contracting entity JSC "Latvia's State Forests".

The aim of the research program is to maximize economic effectI of reintroduction of forest fertilization practice in Latvia and to create positive and responsible social attitude towards fertilization.

Specific tasks of the research program:

  • evaluation of technical solutions for application of wood ash in forests in order to improve tree growth, increase economic effect and reduce potential negative environmental impact;
  • investigation of the economic effect and environmental impact of application of nitrogen containing fertilizers in mature coniferous and birch stands
  • investigation of the economic effect and environmental impact of different different dosages of nitrogen fertilizer in young and middle-aged coniferous and birch stands, considering repeated input of soil amendments;
  • investigation of the economic effect and environmental impact of application of mixture of nitrogen and wood ash in drained middle aged coniferous and birch stands;
  • evaluation of additional increment of fast-growing and introduced tree species due to application of nitrogen and wood ash containing fertilizers;
  • complex evaluation of impact of forest fertilization on water ecological quality;
  • dissemination of the research results, training of the personnel involved in the fertilizers' application and planning and educational work with society.

The main results of the research are:

  • recommendations, algorithms and methods to ensuring the maximum economic effect of the forest fertilization;
  • recommendations for decrease of the potential negative environmental impact of forest fertilization;
  • suggestions for application of fertilizers in fast-growing tree stands and methods to predict the economic effect;
  • professionally trained staff for implementation of the forest fertilization programme;
  • positive and responsible public attitude towards forest fertilization and recycling of wood ash.

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