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Assessment of greenhouse gas emission and CO2 sequestration in old forest stands
Leader: Āris Jansons
Start date: 11.1.2016
End date: 12.12.2020

Contracting entity – JCS "Latvia's State Forests".

Aim of the project is to assess carbon pools (components: tree biomass, deadwood, soil) in old-growth (old, long-term unmanaged) Scots pine, Norway spruce, birch and aspen stands on mineral soils. Sub-set of mature stands will be used as comparison. Information will not include data on fine roots, litter, vegetation, soil flux, rather than the current main pools. The goal is to gain first comprehensive dataset (at least 25 stands per species, at least 6 sample plots per stand) on carbon in long-un-managed hemiboreal forests in a situation, where the old trees are still the dominant forest element (cohort).

First results of the project can be found in publications:

  • Carbon pools in old-growth Scots pine stands in hemiboreal Latvia (here
  • Carbon pools in a hemiboreal over-mature Norway spruce stands (here)


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