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Elaboration of Species Conservation Plan for the Eurasian otter in Latvia
Leader: Guna Bagrade
Start date: 1.7.2016
End date: 28.2.2018

Supported by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund

The aim:

To maintain a favourable status for the otter population in Latvia for an unlimited period of time, maintaining a high biological carrying capacity and natural ecological functions of the species and ensuring the presence of otters as a united and functional component of the wildlife environment in man-made and managed landscapes, respecting and promoting the quality of life and wellbeing of a diverse society.

Main tasks:

  1. To develop the Species Conservation Plan (SCP) in accordance with the Guidelines for the development of species protection plans in Latvia.
  2. To organize an international meeting involving Lithuanian, Estonian and IUSN OSG experts, sharing learning points and discussing issues covered in the Latvian SCP.
  3. To organize two meetings involving a wide range of experts from governmental and non-governmental institutions in Latvia to discuss SCP.
  4. Survey of damage sites caused by otters.
  5. To complete English translation of the full text of SCP.

Achieved results:

  1. Action Plan for Eurasian otter Lutra lutra Conservation (link here).
  2. Order of Minister of Environment and annexes of Action Plan (link here).

Other researchers:

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