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Accelerating production of forest bioenergy in the Baltic Sea Region (Baltic ForBio)
Leader: Andis Lazdiņš
Start date: 25.5.2017
End date: 30.9.2020

Interreg Baltic Sea Region project

Total budget: 2,55 million EUR
ERDF co-financing: 2,00 million EUR
LSFI Silava funding: 55130 EUR

Lead partner: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Project is represented by 6 countries (Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Lithuania) and 13 project partners and 4 associated project partners are involved.

Project web page here.

Baltic ForBio project aims to increase production of renewable energy in the BSR by improving the capacity of public authorities, forest and energy agencies, organizations of forest owners and entrepreneurs, and forest advisory organisations for promoting the harvest and use of logging residues and small trees cut in early thinning. Based on available technologies and research results, the project will develop cost-effective and sustainable harvest methods, decision support tools, guidelines and training programs for harvest of logging residues and small trees. The project will also produce, in close cooperation with key stakeholders, a GIS platform and database for producing spatially explicit estimates of forest biomass potentials, and innovative business models for developing small-scale bioenergy plants in rural area in the BSR.

Planned activities:

  • Mapping of scientific and statistical information regarding use and production of woody biomass derived bioenergy
  • Development of cost-efficient and sustainable harvesting methods
  • Development of calculation methods to estimate logging residue and small tree harvesting costs
  • Construction of functions to calculate logistics costs depending on type of woody biomass harvested and site specific factors
  • Participation in development and test of learning program and decision support tool


  • 17.-18.10.2017. First partnership meeting, Uppsala, Sweden.

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