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Supplementing of the brown bear population status monitoring with genetic methodology
Leader: Guna Bagrade
Start date: 1.7.2018
End date: 31.10.2019


Supported by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund

Short term aim:

  • Specify the size and structure of the brown bear population in Latvia through innovative molecular genetics monitoring.

Long term aim:

  • To develop preconditions for further improvement of the monitoring system of the species in Latvia and to obtain information based on scientific data on currently expanding brown bear population for species protection and management on a scale of Baltic population.
  • To raise public awareness regarding the size and distribution of the brown bear population in Latvia, to promote understanding of species ecology as well as safety regulations in bear-inhabitat areas.

The main results:

  1. Recommendations for monitoring improvement of the Brown Bear population in Latvia by molecular genetics (only in Latvian).
  2. Report Evaluation of data on Brown Bear population obtained by methodology of molecular genetics (only in Latvian).

Hair trap videos:

  1. Roe deer in bear hair trap (LV, 2019).
  2. Wild boar in bear hair trap (LV, 2019).
  3. Bear family in bear hair trap (LV, 2019).
  4. Bear in bear hair trap (LV, 2019).
  5. Bee hive damage by bear (LV, 2019).

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