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Training of the responsible surveyors for carnivore species identification in the cases of livestock depredation, including both sign identification skills in nature and sampling for DNA analyses
Leader: Guna Bagrade
Start date: 1.7.2018
End date: 31.10.2019


Supported by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund

The aim:

  1. Short term: To train specialists to identify carnivore species in case of the livestock depredation and to apply new technologies to detect the species of carnivore accurately.
  2. Long term: The project will contribute to the overall objective of the Species Conservation Plan to maintain a favorable conservation status of the large carnivore species in Latvia and the entire Baltic carnivore population, ensuring and facilitating the implementation of several other measures, including the development of a system for recording and reducing carnivore damage; changes in legislation to eliminate the risk that it is more profitable to intensify hunting of wolves than to take livestock protection measures and to evaluate the effectiveness of hunting as a measure to reduce damage caused by large carnivores.

The main result:

  • Identification of carnivore species in the case of livestock depredation. Guidelines for Experts in Assessing Damage done by the large carnivores (Wolves, Lynx and Bears) (only in Latvian).

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