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Development of specially adapted LED luminaires for efficient and energy-efficient tree propagation and rootstock process
Leader: Mārtiņš Zeps
Start date: 1.7.2019
End date: 30.6.2022


European Regional Development Fund project (No.
Operational Program: "Growth and Employment"
Specific Objective 1.1.1 "Improve research and innovation capacity and the ability of Latvian research institutions to attract external funding, by investing in human capital and infrastructure"
Activity "Support for applied research"

Leading partner: "Vizulo" Ltd.
Leading partner contact person: Sergejs Burtovojs

Cooperating partner: LSFRI Silava
Contact person of the cooperating partner: Dr. Mārtiņš Zeps

Aim: to obtain intellectual property rights and economic advantages arising out of performed research regarding woody plants propagation in vitro and improvement of efficiency of rooting of their micro cuttings in multilevel systems by elaborating LED lighting systems with especially adjusted light spectrum that would ensure more efficient and energy efficient process of propagation and rooting.

Total budget: 627 452,78 EUR

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