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Pilot study on the use of non-invasive DNA samples for monitoring the status of the lynx population
Leader: Guna Bagrade
Start date: 1.4.2021
End date: 30.6.2022


Funded by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, Contract No. 6-1/21/57.

Main tasks:

  1. Preparation for field research - selection of sites for hair traps and trap cameras, coordination of activity plan with project contractors.
  2. Set up and regular inspection of 15 hair traps and trap cameras.
  3. Protocols for DNA extraction and analyses for the identification of sex, number of individuals and kinship of lynx:
    a) hair samples,
    b) urine samples,
    c) e-DNS samples.
  4. Evaluation report on non-invasive sampling methods.
  5. Recommendations for the transition to non-invasive monitoring of Eurasian lynx, regardless of possibility to use data from hunting bags.

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