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Long-term changes in Latvia's forest resources under the influence of the European green deal
Leader: Guntars Šņepsts
Start date: 11.4.2021
End date: 30.12.2021

Study supported by the Forest Development Fund.

At present, the European green deal has the potential to increase of forest areas where forestry will be restricted or banned. At the same time, afforestation of abandoned agricultural land is envisaged. Therefore, it is necessary to model the long-term development of forest resources under this type of management regime, and to assess potential changes in the structure and value of forests, as well as long-term carbon sequestration.

The aim of the study is to evaluate the potential impact of various European green deal alternatives on wood availability and carbon sequestration in Latvian forests.

Tasks of the study:

  1. Evaluate the potential changes in forest management according to proposals in the European green deal policy, as well as the evaluation of carbon sequestration potential of forestry measures.
  2. Integrate the shelterwood cutting simulation model and carbon sequestration model developed by LVMI Silava into the LVMI Silava forest resource modeling system.
  3. To model business as usual and alternative forest management scenario impact on changes in forest resources for a period of 100 years.

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