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Impact of hunting on the grey wolf (Canis lupus) population status in Latvia
Leader: Jānis Ozoliņš
Start date: 1.1.2022
End date: 15.11.2022

Funded by the Game Management Development Foundation

Main tasks:
  • Sampling of DNA, reproductive organs and canine tooth roots from at least 40% of the hunted wolves. In cooperation with hunters, a proportion of the sampled wolves will also be used for parasitological and feeding studies
  • Laboratory processing and analyses of collected material for age and fecundity index determination.
  • DNA analyses of hunted wolves and non-invasive samples taken from the livestock killed at farms.
  • Linking genetic data among locations in entire sample pool to identify wolf distribution core areas and sporadic occurrence zones.
  • Providing Latvian authorities and foreign partners with scientifically based and comparable data on wolf populations.
  • Raising public awareness via communication with hunters in person and via media.  


  • A social questionnaire survey on public attitudes towards large carnivores has been started in collaboration with Tartu University of Life Sciences and Lithuanian Nature Research Center.

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