Mezzinatne ISSN 1407-270X (print)
                   ISSN 2256-0556 (online)

Mezzinatne (Forest Science) - continuation of "Jaunākais Mežsaimniecībā" (Recent in Forestry) - is the scientific collection of articles about the Institute's proceedings. The papers included in the Proceedings periodically show the most important fundamental and applied results and conclusions of the researches. The national significance of journal, contrary to other branches of science, is determined by the fact that due to the country's specific geographic and climatic conditions the related research work is possible only in Latvia. For this reason the most recent research results and conclusions published in the proceedings Mezzinatne refer to the actual conditions of Latvia. This is believed to be the feature that distinguishes the Mezzinatne from other similar scientific proceedings.

Mezzinatne publisher is Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava".

Mezzinatne is indexed and abstracted by databases CAB Abstracts and AGRIS.

Mezzinatne is published annually. The articles are in Latvian and contain abstracts in English and Russian.

The leading experts from LFRI Silava, Latvia University, Latvian University of Agriculture as well as the professionals from other countries take part in the editorial work of journal.

Mezzinatne RULES here (approved at the meeting of the Scientific Coulcil of the LSFRI Silava on 24 February, 2009).

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