Kārlis Bičkovskis, doctoral thesis: Influence of drainage system reconstruction after the impact of beaver (Castor fiber L.) on greenhouse gas budget

Aldis Butlers, doctoral thesis: Greenhouse gas emissions and affecting factors in forests with naturally wet and drained fertile organic soils; 2nd scientific supervisor – Andis Lazdiņš

Santa Celma, doctoral thesis: Sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) in forest stands and tree plantations in Latviascientific supervisor – Dagnija Lazdiņa

Roberts Čakšs, doctoral thesis: Influence of root rot Heterobasidion spp. on increment and carbon sequestration dynamics in spruce stands on peat soils; scientific supervisors – Āris Jansons and Tālis Gaitnieks

Gundega Done, doctoral thesis: The impact of wild cervid Cervidae population structure on economic losses of forestry in Latvia; scientific supervisor – Jānis Ozoliņš

Kārlis Dūmiņš, doctoral thesis: Development of various types of commercially valuable tree species plant material depending on soil preparation method; scientific supervisors – Dagnija Lazdiņa and Āris Jansons

Jānis Ivanovsdoctoral thesis: Integration of data from sparse sampling network with satellite and airborne measurements for a large area estimations of forest canopy structure parameters2nd scientific supervisor – Andis Lazdiņš

Edgars Jūrmalis, doctoral thesis: Societal preferences for forest recreation and solutions for management planning support in Latvia; 1st scientific supervisor – Zane Lībiete

Zane Kļaviņa, doctoral thesis: Forestry impact on water quality; 1st scientific supervisor – Zane Lībiete

Dārta Kaupe, doctoral thesis: Transformation of mesotrophic forests into urban and natural environments; scientific supervisor – Māris Laiviņš 

Juris Katrevičs, doctoral thesis: Growth of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) characterization in low-density plantations; 1st scientific supervisor – Āris Jansons 

Ivars Kļaviņš, doctoral thesis: Sustainably intensified forestry effect on circulation of substances and development of new growth after renewal cut; 1st scientific supervisor – Zane Lībiete

Baiba Krivmane, doctoral thesis: The role of microRNA in stress and disease reactions in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L); 1st scientific supervisor – Dainis Edgars Ruņģis 

Laura Ķēniņa, doctoral thesis: Assessment of carbon sequestration in old coniferous stands; 1st scientific supervisor – Āris Jansons

Līva Legzdiņa, doctoral thesis: Diversity of invertebrate in Heterobasidion spp. fruit bodies on decayed spruce wood and influencing factors; 2nd scientific supervisor – Tālis Gaitnieks

Ieva Līcīte, doctoral thesis: Evaluation of climate change mitigation potential of the manahement of organic soils in agricultural lands; 2nd scientific supervisor – Andis Lazdiņš

Roberts Matisons, doctoral thesis: Ecological plasticity of responses of radial increment of Scots pine and its potential for breeding 

Aivars Ornicāns, doctoral thesis: Population status of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx L.) in Latvia – scientific reason for species protection and management; scientific supervisor – Jānis Ozoliņš

Guna Petaja, doctoral thesis: Short-term impact of wood ash and nitrogen fertilizer on ground vegetation and wood volume increment in conifer stands; scientific supervisor – Andis Lazdiņš

Raitis Rieksts-Riekstiņš, doctoral thesis: Growth models of planted young Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L. stands; scientifi supervisor – Āris Jansons, consultant – Jānis Donis 

Mārcis Saklaurs, doctoral thesis: Value of ecosystem services in riparina forests

Valters Samariksdoctoral thesisGreenhouse gas emissions in old forests on organic soils1st scientific supervisor – Āris Jansons

Lauma Silbauma, doctoral thesis: Spreading of Heterobasidion root rot by spores and mycelial growth in Picea abies stands; 1st scientific supervisor – Tālis Gaitnieks

Ilze Šņepste, doctoral thesis: The role of induced resistance in the development of defence mechanisms to Lophodermium spp. in Pinus sylvestris L seedlings; 1st scientific supervisor – Dainis Edgars Ruņģis

Guntars Šņepsts, doctoral thesis: Model for prediction of wind damages in Norway spruce stand; scientific supervisors – Āris Jansons and Jurģis Jansons

Toms Artūrs Štāls, doctoral thesis: Planning and management of forested riparian zones along small watercourses in Latvia; 1st scientific supervisor – Zane Lībiete

Agita Treimane, doctoral thesis: Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) and lingonberry (V. vitis-idaea L.) ecology, frequency of occurance, yield production in different forest types and influence of forest management; 2nd scientific supervisor – Zane Lībiete

Juris Zariņš, doctoral thesis: Ecological and forest management evaluation of river protective zones; scientific supervisor – Jurģis Jansons

Pauls Zeltiņš, doctora thesis: Comparative growth modelling of genetically improved Norway spruce, Scots pine and Silver birch forest stands; 2nd scientific supervisor – Āris Jansons

Daiga Zute, doctoral thesis: Carbon budget in old-growth conifer stands on organic soils in the context of EU 2030 policy targets

Agrita Žunna, doctoral thesis: Population status of wolf Canus lupus after the implementation of the Action Plan for Conservation of Species in Latvia: distribution, demography, kinship structure and tropic ecology; scientific supervisor – Jānis Ozoliņš

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