LSFRI Silava in cooperation with SC Latvijas valsts meži (Latvian State Forests) organized 1 day international scientific conference "Improving seed production from forest seed orchards in the Baltic sea region countries — establishment, management, flowering stimulation and protection" in Riga, April 5, 2013. Altogether 94 scientists and practitioners from 7 Baltic sea region countries (Estonia Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden) shared the experience and results of the studies covering variety of aspects of management of seed orchards and delivery of high value seeds for forest regeneration, as a way to ensure vitality and productivity of forest stands.

Main conclusions from the presentation and discussions of the participants of the conference:

  • seed orchards are essential link ensuring the use of tree breeding results in praxis (forest regeneration);
  • establishment and management of seed orchards has to be linked with tree breeding cycle, ensuring availability of seeds with highest genetic value;
  • investments in tree breeding and seed orchard management ensures notable increase in productivity and quality of trees, originating from seed orchard seeds. This added value could be used as basis for financial calculations. Seed orchards can’t be evaluated as separate objects of investment, that have to be profitable base on sales of seeds;
  • genetic diversity of seed orchard crop is sufficient to ensure stability of stands originating from it;
  • most of the countries for wide-spread species prohibits use of category "source identified" forest reproductive material, gradually increasing share of category "qualified" and "tested" material;
  • it is significant to ensure early onset of seed production in orchards as well as high seed yield. These goal are achievable through investments in measures stimulating flowering and integrated pest management.

Program of conference, abstracts of presentations and list of participants here.


  1. Basic principles of forest selection and development of highly valuable forest seed orchards in Latvia / Guntis Grandāns, Latvia
  2. Seed orchards in Estonia: past, present and future / Aivo Vares and Esko Krinal, Estonia
  3. Pruning of forest seed orchards in Lithuania / Vidmantas Verbyla, Lithuania
  4. Revised seed orchard strategy in Poland / Jan Kowalczyk, Jerzyna Przypaśniak and Marek Rzońca, Poland
  5. Seed orchard management in Germany/ Volker Schneck and Dagmar Schneck, Germany
  6. Basic principles of developing forest tree seed orchards in Sweden/ Curt Almqvist, Sweden
  7. Starting seed orchards of other conifer species. Why? Utilization perspectives for orchards start-ups to obtain highly valuable wood (larch, Douglas fir) / Bo Nilsson, Sweden
  8. Finnish birch seed production 1970-2012 / Sirkku Pöykkö, Finland
  9. Insects damage in Norway spruce (Picea abies L. (Karst.)) seed orchards: introduction to solutions / Tiina Ylioja, Finland
  10. Pest management in Swedish spruce seed orchards / Olle Rosenberg and Jan Weslien, Sweden
  11. Methods to stimulate flowering and seed production in spruce seed orchards / Curt Almqvist, Sweden
  12. Starting seed orchard / Södra, Sweden

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