Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava" and the OSCAR2 management committee
Riga, Latvia — October 2426, 2012

  • Machine and machine-systems performance analysis;
  • Process modelling and control;
  • Transport and materials handling;
  • Geographical information — modelling and interpretation;
  • Ergonomics, the work environment and safety;
  • Small scale and urban forestry operations;
  • Supply chain management and associated methods & technologies;
  • Environmental impacts, energy and emissions;
  • Entrepreneurs, business process engineering and quality assurance;
  • Mechanization of silvicultural operations;
  • Technologies for plantation forests and short rotation woody crops;
  • Mobilization of wood resources.

More information is available in the conference website.

Conference abstracts here.

Contact persons: Andis Lazdiņš & Dagnija Lazdiņa

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