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  • Avots E., Vecvanags A., Filipovs J., Brauns A., Skudrins G., Done G., Ozolins J., Anbarjafari G., Jakovels D.2022. Towards Automated Detection and Localization of Red Deer Cervus elaphus Using Passive Acoustic Sensors during the Rut. Remote Sens., 14(10), 2464;
  • Vecvanags A., Aktas K., Pavlovs I., Avots E., Filipovs J., Brauns A., Done G., Jakovels D., Anbarjafari G. 2022. Ungulate Detection and Species Classification from Camera Trap Images Using RetinaNet and Faster R-CNN. Entropy, 24(3), 353;
  • Šuba J., Žunna A., Bagrade G., Done G., Lūkins M., Ornicāns A., Pilāte D., Stepanova A., Ozoliņš J. 2021. Closer to Carrying Capacity: Analysis of the Internal Demographic Structure Associated with the Management and Density Dependence of a Controlled Wolf Population in Latvia. Sustainability, 13(17), 9783;
  • Peterhofs E., Bagrade G., Done G., Lukins M., Ornicans A., Ozolins J., Pilate D., Rungis D., Suba J., Zunna A. 2019. Suitability of capercaillie Tetrao urogallus as an umbrella species for Latvian boreal forests. In: Book of Extended Abstracts of 34th IUGB Congress: Wildlife: Coexistence or Opposite? Kaunas: p. 97-98
  • Baumanis J., Rungis D.E., Gailite A., Gaile A., Done G., Lukins M., Howlett S.J., Ozolins J. 2018. Genetic structure of Red deer (Cervus elaphus L.) – A review of the population and its reintroduction in Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 24(2), 296-303
  • Done G., Bagrade G., Lūkins M., Ornicāns A., Ozoliņš J. 2018. Interaction between forest management and wolf conservation. In: Book of Abstracts of Conference "Pathways Europe 2018 – Human Dimensions of Wildlife: Resurrecting the Wild!?". Goslar: Alfred Toepfer Academy, p. 54
  • Lībiete Z., Matisons R., Rieksts-Riekstins J., Priedītis A., Jansons J., Smilga J., Done G., Jansons Ā. 2017. Above-ground biomass models of 40-year-old Norway spruce in Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 23(2), 515-521
  • Priedītis A., Howlett S.J., Baumanis J., Bagrade G., Done G., Jansons A., Neimane U., Ornicāns A., Stepanova A., Šmits A., Žunna A., Ozoliņš J. 2017. Quantification of deer browsing in summer and its importance for game management in Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 23(2), 423-431
  • Bagrade G., Ruņģis D.E., Ornicāns A., Šuba J., Žunna A., Howlett S.J., Lūkins M., Gailīte A., Stepanova A., Done G., Gaile A., Bitenieks K., Mihailova L., Baumanis J., Ozoliņš J. 2016. Status assessment of Eurasian lynx in Latvia linking genetics and demography – a growing population or a source-sink process? Mammal Research, 61(4), 337-352;
  • Niedzialkowska M., Hundertmark K.J., Jedrzejewska B., Sidorovich V.E., Zalewska H., Veeroja R., Solberg E.J., Laaksonen S., Sand H., Solovyev V.A., Sagaydak A., Tiainen J., Juškaitis R., Done G., Borodulin V.A., Tulandin E.A., Niedzialkowski K. 2016. The contemporary genetic patterns of European moose is shaped by postaglacial recolonization, bottlenecks, and the geographical barrier of the Baltic Sea. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 117, 879-894;
  • Ozolins J., Rungis D., Zunna A., Lukins M., Gailite A., Howlett S.J., Saarma U., Suba J., Stepanova A., Ornicans A., Mihailova L., Done G., Gaile A., Bitenieks K., Baumanis J., Pilate D., Bagrade G. 2015. Establishing a system for genetic monitoring in wildlife populations. In: Libiete Z. (Ed.) Book of abstracts of the international scientific conference "Knowledge Based Forestry Sector". Salaspils: LSFRI Silava, p. 93
  • Baumanis J., Done G., Ozoliņš J. 2014. Impact of hunting on the sex and age structure in ungulate populations. In: Book of Abstracts of 9th Baltic Theriological Conference. Daugavpils: DU AP "Saule", p. 23.
  • Ruņģis D.E., Saarma U., Gailīte A., Gaile A., Bagrade G., Baumanis J., Žunna A., Done G., Stepanova A., Ornicāns A., Bitenieks K., Lūkins M., Pilāte D., Ozoliņš J. 2014. First steps towards genetic monitoring of grey wolves Canis lupus in Latvia: relationships among individuals hunted within a five year period. In: Book of Abstracts of 9th Baltic Theriological Conference. Daugavpils: DU AP "Saule", p. 13.

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