Dana Purviņa

Publikāciju saraksts
List of publications

  • Bārdulis A., Ivanovs J., Bārdule A., Lazdiņa D., Purviņa D., Butlers A., Lazdiņš A. 2022. Assessment of Agricultural Areas Suitable for Agroforestry in Latvia. Land, 11(10), 1873; https://doi.org/10.3390/land11101873 
  • Bārdulis A., Ivanovs J., Butlers A., Purviņa D., Lazdiņš A., Lazdiņa D. 2022. Concept for spatial evaluation of justified implementation potential of agrisilvicultural systems in hemiboreal Latvia. In: Book of Abstracts of 6th European Agroforestry Conference EURAF2022, 16-20 May, 2022, Nuoro, Italy. Nuoro, Uninuoro, p. 210-211, ISBN 9788897666189 
  • Butlers A., Spalva G., Licite I., Purvina D. 2022. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from naturally wet and drained nutrient-rich organic forests soils. In: Proceedings of 21st International Scientific Conference Engineering for Rural Development, Jelgava, Latvia, 25-27 May 2022. Jelgava: LULST, p. 577–582; https://doi.org/10.22616/ERDev.2022.21.TF190
  • Bārdule A., Bārdulis A., Polmanis K., Krumšteds L.L., Butlers A., Stola J., Skranda I., Purviņa D., Zvaigzne Z.A., Muižnieks E., Lībiete Z., Zvirbulis U., Kļaviņš I., Jansons J., Lazdiņš A. 2021. Trends of Scots pine forest health and element flow changes in the ICP Forests monitoring sites in Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 27(2), id536; https://doi.org/10.46490/BF536
  • Bārdule A., Petaja G., Butlers A., Purviņa D., Lazdiņš A. 2021. Estimation of litter input in hemi-boreal forests with drained organic soils for improvement of GHG inventories. Baltic Forestry, 27(2), id534; https://doi.org/10.46490/BF534
  • Lazdins A., Snepsts G., Butlers A., Purvina D., Zvaigzne Z.A., Licite I. 2021. Evaluation of middle term greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation potential of birch plantations with mineral and organic soils. In: Proceedings of 20th International Scientific Conference "Engineering for Rural Development 2021", Virtual, Jelgava, 26-28 May 2021. Jelgava: LUA, Vol. 20, p. 32-37; https://doi.org/10.22616/ERDev.2021.20.TF005
  • Karklina I., Lazdins A., Butlers A., Stola J., Zvaigzne Z.A., Purviņa D. 2021. Soil carbon stock in fertilized forest stands with mineral soils. In: Proceedings of 27th International Scientific Conference "Research for Rural Development 2021", Jelgava, 12-14 May 2021. Jelgava: LUA, Vol. 36, p. 51-56; https://doi.org/10.22616/rrd.27.2021.007

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