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List of publications

  • Šēnhofa S. 2021. Meteoroloģisko faktoru un stādmateriāla ietekme uz papeļu augšanu / Effect of meteorological factors and planting material on poplar growth. Promocijas darbs mežzinātņu doktora grāda iegūšanai / Thesis (Dr. silv.). LVMI Silava / LSFRI Silava
  • Šēnhofa S., Šņepsts G., Bičkovskis K., Jaunslaviete I., Liepa L., Straupe I., Jansons Ā. 2021. Availability and Structure of Coarse Woody Debris in Hemiboreal Mature to Old-Growth Aspen Stands and Its Implications for Forest Carbon Pool. Forests, 12(7), 901;
  • Gailis A., Samsone I., Šēnhofa S., Girgžde E., Kāpostiņš R., Jansons Ā. 2021. Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) culture initiation in vitro and genotype determined differences in micropropagation. New Forests, 52, 791-806;
  • Šēnhofa S., Lazdiņa D., Zeps M. 2021. Winter frost damage and its link to early growth and survival in a poplar clone collection. In: Proceedings of 27th International Scientific Conference "Research for Rural Development 2021", Jelgava, 12-14 May 2021. Jelgava: LUA, Vol. 36, p. 70-76;
  • Čakša L., Šēnhofa S., Šņepsts G., Elferts D., Liepa L., Jansons Ā. 2021. Effect of Stem Snapping on Aspen Timber Assortment Recovery in Hemiboreal Forests. Forests, 12(1), 28;
  • Jansone B., Neimane U., Šēnhofa S., Matisons R., Jansons Ā. 2020. Genetically Determined Differences in Annual Shoot Elongation of Young Norway Spruce. Forests, 11(12), 1260;
  • Šenhofa S., Jaunslaviete I., Šņepsts G., Jansons J., Liepa L., Jansons A. 2020. Deadwood characteristics in mature and old-growth birch stands and their implications for carbon storage. Forests, 11(5), 536;
  • Šēnhofa S., Katrevics J., Adamovics A., Bickovskis K., Baders E., Donis J., Jansons A. 2020. Tree damage by ice accumulation in Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) stands regarding stand characteristics. Forests, 11(6), 679;
  • Šēnhofa S., Lazdiņa D., Jansons Ā. 2019. Papeļu (Populus spp.) stādījumu ierīkošana un apsaimniekošana. Salaspils: LVMI Silava, DU AA Saule, 82 lpp.
  • Sisenis L., Brizga D., Pilvere I., Gailis J., Senhofa S. 2018. Safety in the handling of plant protection products on farms in the central part of Latvia. In: 18th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geoconference, SGEM 2018. Vienna: SGEM, Vol. 18, Issue 4.3, p. 375-382;
  • Šēnhofa S., Zeps M., Ķēniņa L., Neimane U., Kāpostiņš R., Kārkliņa A., Jansons Ā. 2018. Intra-annual height growth of hybrid poplars in Latvia. Results from the year of establishment. Agronomy Research, 16(1), 254-262;
  • Baders E., Senhofa S., Purina L., Jansons A. 2017. Natural succession of Norway spruce stands in Hemiboreal forests: Case study in Slitere national park, Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 23(2), 522-528
  • Jansons A., Rieksts-Riekstins J., Senhofa S., Katrevics J., Lazdina D., Sisenis L. 2017. Above-ground biomass equations of Populus hybrids in Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 23(2), 507-514  
  • Sēnhofa S., Neimane U., Grava A., Sisenis L., Lazdina D., Jansons A. 2017. Juvenile growth and frost damages of poplar clone OP42 in Latvia. Agronomy Research, 15(5), 2113-2125;
  • Zeps M., Senhofa S., Zadina M., Neimane U., Jansons A. 2017. Stem damages caused by heart rot and large poplar borer on hybrid and European aspen. Forestry Studies, 66, 21-26; 
  • Jansons Ā., Matisons R., Šēnhofa S., Katrevičs J., Jansons J. 2016. High-frequency variation of tree-ring width of some native and alien tree species in Latvia during the period 1965–2009. Dendrochronologia, 40, 151-158;
  • Lazdiņa D., Šēnhofa S., Zeps M., Makovskis K., Bebre I., Jansons Ā. 2016. The early growth and fall frost damage of poplar clones in Latvia. Agronomy Research, 14(1), 109-122  
  • Puriņa L., Matisons R., Jansons Ā., Šēnhofa S. 2016. Survival of European beech in the central part of Latvia 33 years since the plantation. Silva Fennica, 50(4), 1656;
  • Šēnhofa S., Zeps M., Matisons R., Smilga J., Lazdiņa D., Jansons Ā. 2016. Effect of climatic factors on tree-ring width of Populus hybrids in Latvia. Silva Fennica, 50(1), 1442;
  • Senhofa S., Jansons A., Lazdina D., Zeps M. 2015. Suitability of hybrid poplar Populus balsamifera × P. laurifoliafor for forest regeneration in Latvia. In: Libiete Z. (Ed.) Book of abstracts of the international scientific conference "Knowledge Based Forestry Sector". Salaspils: LSFRI Silava, p. 91  
  • Senhofa S., Lazdina D., Arsanica A., Timinskis I., Reizins M., Paegle M., Solodovniks V. 2015. Fast growing poplars and pines for pellet production. In: Libiete Z. (Ed.) Book of abstracts of the international scientific conference "Knowledge Based Forestry Sector". Salaspils: LSFRI Silava, p. 45  
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  • Jansons A., Zurkova S., Lazdina D., Zeps M. 2014. Productivity of poplar hybrid (Populus balsamifera x P. laurifolia) in Latvia. Agronomy Research, 12(2), 469-478

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