Ilona Skranda

Publikāciju saraksts
List of publications

  • Bārdule A., Bārdulis A., Polmanis K., Krumšteds L.L., Butlers A., Stola J., Skranda I., Purviņa D., Zvaigzne Z.A., Muižnieks E., Lībiete Z., Zvirbulis U., Kļaviņš I., Jansons J., Lazdiņš A. 2021. Trends of Scots pine forest health and element flow changes in the ICP Forests monitoring sites in Latvia. Baltic Forestry, 27(2), id536;
  • Ivanovs J., Melniks R., Skranda I. 2019. Evaluation of impact of soil compaction in ditch-sides during forwarding of roundwood on groundwater level in neighbouring forest stand. In: Proceedings of Scientific Conference "Engineering for Rural Development 2019". Jelgava: LUA, Vol. 18, p. 1680-1685;
  • Lazdiņa D., Bebre I., Dūmiņš K., Skranda I., Lazdins A., Jansons J., Celma S. 2017. Wood ash – Green energy production side product as fertilizer for vigorous forest plantations. Agronomy Research, 15(2), 468-477
  • Klavina D., Lazdiņš A., Bardule A., Nikolajeva V., Okmanis M., Skranda I., Gaitnieks T., Menkis A. 2016. Fine root development and mycorrhization in Norway spruce stands one year after fertilization with potassium sulphate and wood ash. Journal of Forest Science, 62(1), 17-23;
  • Okmanis M., Skranda I., Lazdiņš A., Lazdiņa D. 2016. Impact of wood ash and potassium sulphate fertilization on growth of Norway spruce stand on organic soil. In: Proceedings of 22th International Scientific Conference "Research for Rural Development 2016". Jelgava: LUA, Vol. 2, p. 62-68
  • Okmanis M., Polmanis K., Skranda I. 2015. Economical assessment of wood ash spreading in forest. In: Jansons A. (Ed.) Book of abstracts of conference "Adaption and mitigation: strategies for management of forest ecosystems & Enerwoods seminar". Salaspils: LSFRI Silava, p. 43

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