Jurģis Šuba

ORCID id: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5639-5863

Publikāciju saraksts
List of publications

  • Šuba J., Žunna A., Bagrade G., Done G., Lūkins M., Ornicāns A., Pilāte D., Stepanova A., Ozoliņš J. 2021. Closer to Carrying Capacity: Analysis of the Internal Demographic Structure Associated with the Management and Density Dependence of a Controlled Wolf Population in Latvia. Sustainability, 13(17), 9783; https://doi.org/10.3390/su13179783
  • Peterhofs E., Bagrade G., Done G., Lukins M., Ornicans A., Ozolins J., Pilate D., Rungis D., Suba J., Zunna A. 2019. Suitability of capercaillie Tetrao urogallus as an umbrella species for Latvian boreal forests. In: Book of Extended Abstracts of 34th IUGB Congress: Wildlife: Coexistence or Opposite? Kaunas: p. 97-98
  • Bagrade G., Ruņģis D.E., Ornicāns A., Šuba J., Žunna A., Howlett S.J., Lūkins M., Gailīte A., Stepanova A., Done G., Gaile A., Bitenieks K., Mihailova L., Baumanis J., Ozoliņš J. 2016. Status assessment of Eurasian lynx in Latvia linking genetics and demography – a growing population or a source-sink process? Mammal Research, 61(4), 337-352; https://doi.org/10.1007/s13364-016-0279-8
  • Zukal J., Bandouchova H., Brichta J., Cmokova A., Jaron K.S., Kolarik M., Kovacova V., Kubitovi A., Novikovi A., Orolov O., Pikula J., Presetnik P., Šuba J., Zahradnikova A.Jr., Martinkova N. 2016. White-nose syndrome without borders: Pseudogymnoascus destructans infection tolerated in Europe and Palearctic Asia but not in North America. Scientific Reports, 6, 19829; https://doi.org/10.1038/srep19829
  • Ozolins J., Bagrade G., Baumanis J., Howlett S.J., Lukins M., Ornicans A., Prieditis A., Stepanova A., Suba J., Zunna A. 2015. Ecological risks of forest management: assessment methods and recommendations – deer browsing. In: Libiete Z. (Ed.) Book of abstracts of the international scientific conference "Knowledge Based Forestry Sector". Salaspils: LSFRI Silava, p. 73
  • Ozolins J., Rungis D., Zunna A., Lukins M., Gailite A., Howlett S.J., Saarma U., Suba J., Stepanova A., Ornicans A., Mihailova L., Done G., Gaile A., Bitenieks K., Baumanis J., Pilate D., Bagrade G. 2015. Establishing a system for genetic monitoring in wildlife populations. In: Libiete Z. (Ed.) Book of abstracts of the international scientific conference "Knowledge Based Forestry Sector". Salaspils: LSFRI Silava, p. 93
  • Šuba J. 2014. Latvijas sikspārņu rudens spietošana un migrācija / Autumn swarming and migration of bats in Latvia. Promocijas darbs bioloģijas doktora grāda iegūšanai / Thesis (Dr. biol.). Latvijas Universitāte/ University of Latvia 

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